Welcome to The Beer Garden!

Looking for a challenge? Then you've found the right place! Started by Elon and Glug, Our main goal was to make a FREE server with something always happening around every corner! On The Beer Garden, you'll find a variety of fun things we offer, friendships within our community and a great enjoyable gaming experience!


Our friendly admins are always here to help and constantly monitor our Discord in case you get stuck in game and need help.

The beer garden rostow server is perfect mix of fun and challenging enough to keep the hardcore grinders coming back for more , even when you have the best guns that have been made with passion and care from the server owner, if your not careful rostow will throw you a trifecta of dangerous mobs to draw your blood or take your life. 50 out of 10!           — saf3revil

"ROSTOW" has been amazing!!! WHAT A SERVER!If you want action then this is the server. If you want Hardcore then this server is for you!My 4 Months within Beer Garden Rostow has been like a Scary Movie - 1 Minute you are cruising through the Fields in your Vehicle, Next minute WHAM! Animals and Reptiles! out of no will aggro to you! so you gotta Hi-Tail it outta there or Turn and fight! Standing your ground isnt for the weak but WOW it is Jam Packed with action.Honest opinion on this server is chilling, The way everything is set up within the Server is just awesome. Ive never played such a server where you could be 100% geared with the Best items/Guns in the Map and still walk around SCARED for your life  Suppose its called "GEAR FEAR" but i have a different feeling or sense to that, I call it "Adrenaline!" and this Map is PACKED full of it!Well done to the Admins and Creaters of this server a HUGE! thumbs up!Cannot wait to see where this server goes after having just recently wiped and all of us on an even playing Field!  BRING ON ROSTOW!         — Bowds

Server is great guys! Love the mix of loot spawns and difficultly. Great mix of creatures and the upgraded Diesels and BG gear is an awesome touch. Owners/Admins listen to the player base and are very dedicated. Hard to find out there! My favorite PvE server by far. Keep up the good shit! Thanks for providing the server.          -DudeTheDan

I've spent about a week on deerisle. I've huffed and puffed my way through the many dangers of the land, looted and pillaged many villages. This server is one of a kind with its variety. Every item you find now has its own value, and unique variants. Whether you're getting pelted by rocks from the locals, to hiding from the evils of the night. You're bound to find some friends along the way. Grab your guns, load up with bullets, wits, and guts... and venture out into the Beer Garden!10 out of 10.     -RoffinWaffle

Free perks!

We offer some free perks just for being a player on our servers!

Every player on our server gets the chance to have a FREE custom patch with their name or logo on it as well as a FREE custom flag for their base. Just head over to our Discord channel called “Custom-patches” and “Custom-flags”…did we mention..FREE??!!


Don't want your own unique patch or flag? We have some Beer Garden designed patches and flags as well.


(All custom patches and flags are available in the traders and anyone can use any of them!)

Join us on Discord to stay connected!

On our Discord server you will be able to keep up to date with any rules or rule changes, our ticket system, custom chat rooms for each server, giveaways, reviews, fun player shared content and much much more!