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Deerisle Server

On our Deerisle server

Our Deerisle server is fun, scenic and always a fun time. Our traders are spread out so you have to travel around the map more and in doing so, you'll quickly find yourself in an adventure! Meet other players and form a group to tackle some of the tougher areas or take on a solo stance and see how far you can go! This server is 100% PVE ONLY.


It's not always easy here on Deerisle though, we do have increased hordes, spiders, wolves, bears, dinosaurs and some other friendly creatures. Test your luck and see if you can find some of the custom Beer Garden weapons and gear we provide to all of our players. Be sure to establish your roots and build a base! And yes, we have bed respawning! :)

Rostow Server

On our Rostow server

Our Rostow is the more hardcore of the 2 PVE servers. If Deerisle is too easy for you, see if you can survive on Rostow! Danger lurks around every corner so gear up and stay alert. Every weekend we turn on our pvp zones for even more fun! Do you have what it takes?

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